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Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (First Class with Distinction) Regional Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur (India) *Subjects in Grad Diploma Program Quantitative Methods Marketing Research Business Economics Production Operations Management Marketing Management International Marketing Management Information Systems Human Resource Management Managerial Accounting Strategic Management International Business Strategy Change Management Group Dynamics Managerial Finance Project ManagementMemberships & WorkshopsComputer Software Proficiency SPSS, MIS, SAP, MS-Project MS-Office, MS-Word, Excel, Power Point Workshops/Seminars attended Supply Chain Logistics Seminar, Christchurch, May 10, 2005 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Industry, New Delhi CILT Networking at Frucor Beverages, Christchurch (June 14, 2006) CDC Hi-Tech Launch Programme at Christchurch (June 29, 2006) CILT Recruitment and Retention seminar at Christchurch (July 19, 2006) Workplace Assessment by CPIT, Christchurch 2006 Health and Safety in Workplace, Christchurch 2006 Educational training workshop @ College of Education, Christchurch, 2006. MEMBERSHIPS Member - Production and Operations Management Society(POMS), USA Member Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, New Zealand Course Coordinator - New Zealand College of Business Mentor Canterbury Small and Medium Enterprises/Businesses Member Computer Society of India Member - Graduate Committee, Addis Ababa University (AAU) Member Graduate Course Development Committee (AAU) Member Strategic Committee (AAU) Book Authored: Modern Approach To Production and Operations Management, New Age International Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India, 2005. (Apart from other topics, the book deals extensively with JIT, MRP, Supply Chain Issues, product life cycle, SQC, control charts for variables and attributes, probabilistic time estimates of project completion, and use of normal distribution curve in the areas of business problems.)Teaching Experience Supply Chain & Logistics Management Product Development Marketing of New Product Purchase and Inventory Models Strategic Market Planning Productivity Analysis and Work Measurement Operations Research Business Statistics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Production Operations Management Quality Management Project Evaluation and Management Employment Profile New Zealand College of Business + Other NZ Organizations 2004 to DateNew Zealand Industries I came to New Zealand on Permanent residency, and stayed in Queenstown for a while. I tried to move out to nearby places as part of my adaptation process in a new country and culture. I was also looking for some gainful employment, and got a chance to work in a few New Zealand companies like: AMCOR, North Buns, Contract Logistics, Alto Plastics, and Schneider Electric. I had lots of opportunities to interact with people dealing with various aspects of value chain/supply chain and logistics both within and outside the plants. While working in Schneider Electric, I had a close encounter with lean manufacturing system in action. These industries also provided me with a rich experience of working in a group and communicating with people at different levels. I also learnt about assembly line, CNC based injection moulding machines, quality control, TQM, innovative materials handling, stores, and warehousing systems. University of Canterbury (UC) I had a cherished desire to earn a degree from New Zealand, and to fulfil that goal, I got myself enrolled for Graduate Diploma in Business Administration programme at University of Canterbury. I completed the program in October 2005. As part of my Management studies at Canterbury, I did the following projects related to some of the New Zealand industries: Supply Chain Model of Winstone Wall Board Ltd, Fonterra Strategy Management, Marketing Research on Woosh Wireless, Marketing Research on Aotea Electric Company, Semester project on Change Management (Appreciative Inquiry) New Zealand College of Business (NZCB) I joined this College in July 2005 as a Senior Faculty, and since then I have taught a range of management subjects such as: Strategic Market Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Statistics, Production Operations Management (with special emphasis on JIT concepts, Lean systems, Value chain & Supply Chain Logistics, SCM strategies, Keiretsu networks, Vertical integration, Virtual companies, Many Vs Few suppliers, Outsourcing issues, etc). My job consists of delivering lectures/tutorials, setting question papers, taking tests, examination, invigilation, preparation of teaching materials, course design, and staff evaluation. I have designed five core courses for Level 7 which have been approved by NZQA. Research Methodology Quantitative Methods Customer Relations Management Strategic Market Planning International Finance I also passed a course on Workplace Assessment conducted by CPIT under the banner of NZQA. Consultancy Apart from my academic job, I have also provided consultancy services to different industrial clients such as: EFFORTS Pvt Ltd- Prepared Production and Operations Planning manual for this Company. International Journal of Production Economics-acted as reviewer for one of the manuscripts. Entrepreneur Development Cell of RIT, Jamshedpur, India-delivered lectures on Marketing Management, Project Feasibility, and Marketing Research. Punjab National Bank, India-designed Data Management SystemAddis Ababa University of Technology (UNDP Project) Asstt. Professor 1998 - 2004This is the largest university in the country and one of the most important seats of learning in East Africa. The courses curricula are based on the US pattern. I joined this university on an UNDP financed Higher Education Project, and I was employed by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of Ethiopia to spearhead a Post Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering & Management. When I joined the department, there were only four students in this program, but soon after I joined, the number of students went up to 16. The program was very popular among the students of Addis Ababa. While there, I had taught a range of courses at Graduate level which included: Operations Research, Applied Statistics, Operations Management, Plant Design and Layout, Project Management, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing Systems Modelling. Being there for about 6 years, I taught a range of subjects to under- and post- graduate students, developed courses curricula, supervised & examined Graduate theses, attended and presented papers in two international conferences in the USA and Austria, and worked as Members of Graduate committee, Editorial Board for the institute magazine, and Strategic Planning Committee. I supervised 11 M. Sc. Level research projects and 20 B. Sc. Projects in different domains of industrial problems. Some of the projects included: Aspects of Operations Planning and Control Systems for a Sugar Plant Computer Aided Inventory Control System of a Cement Plant (included mathematical probabilistic models) Feasibility Study on Adapting a Cement Factory to a Lime Factory: A Project Management Approach Addis Ababa Ring Road Project: A Case Study on Cost and Time overrun A Supply Chain Model Approach to Waste Collection and Disposal in Addis Ababa A Decision Support System on Equipment Replacement Marketing Research for starting a Computer Assembly Plant in East Africa. It involved lots of data collection, opinion survey, Demand Forecasting, regression analysis, trend analysis, Hypotheses testing, and other statistical analysis.National Institute of Technology, India Asstt. Professor 1996 -1998 Lecturer 1991-1996 This institute is very strategically located in the centre of an industrial hub of Jamshedpur the Steel city of India. Based on its past performance and contribution to the academia, the institute has now been upgraded to a new status called National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. As Prof-in-charge, I arranged a number of industrial visits for the students, who could see the concepts and principles learnt in classes being applied in various industries around the institute. While there for about 7 years, I had a chance to teach a range of Management/Engineering related subjects such as: Marketing Management, Engineering Economy and Management, Materials Management, Warehouse and Stores Management, Materials Handling Principles, TQM and ISO 9000, Production Technology, Manufacturing Techniques, Productivity Analysis, Boilers and Turbine, Renewable energy sources, and Power Plant systems. As the Prof-in-charge of CAD/CAM lab, I undertook computer labs for students, and started a training program in CNC part programming and machining for industrial employees. The program was so popular that it became difficult at one point to include all the aspirants to the CNC program. The institute got a large sum of money in its coffer from this program, and I got a good name along with some financial incentives. I also engaged lecture classes in the evenings for non-formal students from industries, developed courses, served as Warden for Hostel, and Professor-in-charge of students' literary club. In addition, I had a chance to present papers in two International conferences in Malaysia and Hungry.COMPLANET, India Training Coordinator 1989 1991I feel proud to be part of the IT boom in India. In 1980s, computer courses were enjoying an immense popularity in India, and I am happy that I was part of this movement. I worked as a Coordinator for training program, designed the computer courses for secondary school students, and provided consultancy services to Banks and other industries.Bright Star University of Technology, Libya Visiting Faculty 1985 - 1989While working in BHEL, Delhi, I was recruited for teaching Mechanical Design by a team of Professors from Bright Star University. Apart from Design, I had also taught many Industrial Engineering and Management subjects there. I also took some non-formal classes for industrial students of a power plant. I taught topics like: Time & Motion study, Ergonomics, Value Engineering, Plant layout, and Project Management, Boilers and Turbine, Energy systems.BHEL, India Design Engineer 1981 - 1985 This industry is one of the largest employers in public sector, and I as a Design Engineer had worked on the following assignments: Thermal, Hydro and Gas based power plants Preparation of feasibility reports for power plants Making various types of flow diagrams, layouts, schematics for instrumentation and control Stress analysis and selection of powers plant components Vendor analysis Handling of turnkey projects in India and overseas. I had been part of a successful team with can-do attitude, which completed six projects in India within the allocated time and budget. Power plants need a massive procurement of components and equipment from a large number of suppliers both inside and overseas. My team had to work and coordinate with different vendors for the timely supply of these components at various sites which formed an example of complex supply chain system. We had to use various types of project management concepts such as: Project definition, activities, time estimates, deliverables, milestones, CPM/PERT, Gantt Charts, Work Breakdown Structure, Network Planning, Project crashing/compression, resource allocation and levelling, Cost and time control, Project terminations, Data Analysis, Demand Forecasting, etc. BHEL deals with a huge number of suppliers, and the supply chain and logistics remains one of the core issues in this industry. It employs about 100,000 people in its 9 manufacturing, 3 consultancy offices, and 10 marketing and sales units in different parts of India. It has a turnover of about NZ$2200 million per year. RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONSAlex Abraham, R. N. Roy, "Continuous Quality Improvement and Optimization of Design Tolerances Using Demerit Score System" DETC 2003-48148, Chicago, USA, September 2003 (also accepted for being published in ASME journal, USA). F. Arefaine and R. N. Roy, "Market research for computer demands in Ethiopia: A prelude to establishing a computer assembly plant", Journal of the Ethiopian Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. IV, No.1, November 2002, PP - 18 - 31. R. N. Roy and K. K. Guin, "A Proposed Model of JIT Purchasing In An Integrated Steel Plant", International Journal of Production Economics, 59 (1999), PP-179-187. R. N. Roy and F. Arefaine, Some Insights Into The Requirements of Establishing a Computer Assembly Plant in Ethiopia, Journal of the Ethiopian Society of Mechanical Engineers, December 2003 R. N. Roy, K. K. Guin, and Alex Abraham, "Effects of Traffic Congestion on JIT-Supply Chain: An Indian Scenario", Proceedings of International Conference on Production And Operations Management Society, Georgia (USA), April 4 - April 7, 2003 R. N. Roy and K. K. Guin, "Vendor Evaluation and Selection in JIT Supply Chain: An Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach", Proceedings of 11th International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, Austria, Feb 21-25, 2000. R. N. Roy and K. K. Guin, "Identification of JIT Purchase Implementation Bottlenecks Through SWOT analysis and ISM, Proceedings of the International Conference on System Dynamics, IIT Kharagpur, 15 ~18 Dec.1998, India. R. N. Roy and K. K. Guin, "Amalgamating JIT With Bulk Materials Purchase And Supply Logistics In A Steel Plant, International Conference On Operations And Quantitative Management, Jaipur, India, January, 1997, pp-717-722. R. N. Roy and K. K. Guin, "Applications of JIT In Materials Purchase of An Integrated Steel Plant In India", Paper Presented In International Society For Inventory Research, Budapest, Hungary, August 1996. P. Pal and R. N. Roy, "Quality linked Incentive plan: An approach towards zero defect", Paper presented and published in the proceedings of International conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Johor-Bahru, Malaysia on 29-30th August 1994. R. N. Roy and K. K. Guin, "JIT: World Scenario and Possibility of Its Application in Indian Industries", Proceedings of National Conference on Operational Research in Modern Technology, Kurukshetra, India, March 1996, pp-C17-C21. R. N. Roy, Changing Views on JIT - Purchase Related Issues: A Comparison of Past and Present Studies, ANZAM International Conference, Melbourne, Australia, June 15-17, 2004. 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