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What holds my interest or at least consumes my time?

  • Engineering and Management - of course! I am a Mechanical Engineering Major! Do you want to know the activities of a Mechanical Engineer? Follow the link below to read about careers in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Travel - I love to travel, but I have to keep it on a budget. I prefer travelling by road to see more of a  place.
  • Books and Radio - I enjoy listening to radio, reading books related to science, engineering, and management. I like mostly the old Hindi songs, however I do enjoy some of the new songs of Bollywood movies. I also like countryside music.
  • Sports - I like to play tennis and volley ball, and walking is one of my routine habits.
  • Web Pages - I'm learning to build my own web site, so these pages are certain to be under construction for some time.

This site was last updated 09/30/04

This site was updated on 30/09/2004